David Crawford is a commercial photographer, director, and creative based in Atlanta, GA.

David has been a professional photographer for 7 years - while having knowledge and professional experience in a wide array of photography styles, those who know him well would describe him as a “Gun For Hire” — Adaptable, professional, and always carrying a strong sense of empathy and respect to for those who trust him to tell their stories.

After departing from his job as an Interior Design Assistant in 2014, David has built his career specializing in Lifestyle and Modern Architectural projects 

His concept projects & creative direction has taken him coast to coast shooting for notable Lifestyle brands, Architectural firms,  and high end commercial developers alike. From the streets of Atlanta, all the way to the sun-drenched beaches of California's coast; 

David’s passion for photography has landed his work throughout various mediums including magazines, posters, billboards, catalogs, and advertising materials — and has led him to work with some noteworthy brands:

● Redbull

               ●  Cricket Wireless

                      ●  SK + I Architechture 

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